Studio Session

This is a little studio session that we are doing with the class tomorrow. Will get some photos up tomorrow.

“Hello Lovely People,

After chatting to a couple of you today, Brandon and I have decided to use the session as a workshop:

In your groups, using materials and objects acquired by yourselves (scrounge things from home, the workshop etc – think rubber bands, paperclips, timber, cans, jars, fabric etc – but be careful and sensible when looking) you are to produce:

_A Switch

_An Indicator

_A Delayed Event

_Something Surprising

Key Considerations:

Transitions, Changing States, Creativity, Interaction, Innovation, Fun

We will be in the workshop starting at 3.00 Pm sharp.

You will have until 4.30 to experiment, prototype and mock-up – then we will reflect on the process and most inspiring / interesting results.

Look forward to seeing you in the workshop,

Brandon & Chris”

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