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Videos Of Final Design

Video of RGB LED changing colors inside shell.

This video shows the human interaction of our final product.

And a big thank you to Groove for your help with our code on the arduino forum.



So after a long night, we have sorted the code, with help from our friend over in England. We had a few installing issues with wires not joined properly. But got there in the end.

Here are some snaps of the shell with the light RGB LED working. More photos to come soon.

Coding Issues

So we are having issues with our code. We have made a new topic on the Arduino forum and are currently receiving some help from a fellow enthusiast.

Follow our progress at trying to sort out our coding issues at:

The Install

So we have started installing the electronics into the shell. We drilled out a hole in the shell, this was done with a normal drill but just done under running water. Then all the components were feed through and soldered up. We still need to glue the motor in place and light sensor.

We also picked up a pillow from Spotlight to present it on. We think this works quite well as it matches the color of the inside of the shell.

The install into the shell.

Soldering up the components

The Pillow

Stay tuned for the final developments.

The Coding Never Ends

Here are a few images of us working on the Arduino code. We are just trying to get the code working before we install it into the shell.

This is a link to someone that is working with similar components that we are adapting code from.

LED off since light sensor is uncovered.

LED is on since light sensor is covered.

(Note: LED will be replaced with an motor out of an analog play-station controller.)

The Plan Of Attack

So well need to crunch codes for a RGB Led, Light sensor switch, make a transistor circuitĀ  to power our vibration motor, and maybe a buzz speaker tune.

Coding Night

Here are some snaps from our coding night. The code is still a work in progress but we are getting there. Just trying to get a light sensor code and a dimmer code to work.