Getting A Little Crazy

So the group is working well to get this done for Wednesday. But we are all starting to feel the pressure a little. As can be seen below. More updates to follow soon with the coding for the shell project.


Circuit Bending

Here are a few quick snaps from yesterdays circuit bending experiments. We were just messing around with a kids toy, and trying to get it do to unusual things, not to much came of it, but fun none the less.


We are moving ahead with the shell concept after much indecision, however by the looks of the shell that we are getting  we have made the right choice.

Curiosity Cabinet

Going back to the sea shells, having different shells in some form of curiosity cabinet, so that when you pick a shell up it plays different urban sounds out of it. The case could be something like the one below.

We could also do something with the names of the shells and the sound that is being played out of them, similar to what Banksy does with some of his work.

Learning the Basics

So it was time to try some Arduino, managed to achieve pulsing an Led that was switch activated, and linking in some buzzer tunes to go along with the light.  Also got the RGB Led up and running and hope to try and maybe link it in to our bent circuits on Sunday.

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Tomorrow its trying to get the knock sensor to work, at the moment our little buzzer isn’t up to the challenge so its off to Jaycar to get a larger piezo and the right resistor. Also here are a few links that have been helpful so far.

Time For a Little Bending

Thought a little circuit bending would help us along. Its so much fun so well have to give it a go as a group on Sunday.

So I went to the warehouse and got this Playschool Lullaby Glowworm, Managed to get some crazy sounds coming out of it. Thoroughly enjoyable and I highly recommend that everyone trying Circuit bending out.

Childhood Links

Here are a few image to go along with our concepts and one we may have missed, I hope these bring back memories. 

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Please leave comments and suggestions if you have any.