More Exploration

After presenting our idea to our lectures we are once again looking at exploring related objects and ideas. Although they were happy with the idea that we had, they offered us possible ways to push our idea. Below are a few pages of notes that were taken during and after our discussion.

The above page just shows some of the key points the we talked about with our lecturers. The ideas of taking traditional objects or activities, (such as the two cans on a piece of string and using it to talk to your mate) and putting a modern twist on it. By having a object that has references to the past, people are more likely to understand how to interact with it even if it is presented in a modern or technical way. From this, the list below was made after class to see what things we as a group use to do, and actives that could be transformed into a modern interaction.

From this list we narrowed it down as a group to things that we felt could be manipulated in the ways that we wanted. We ended up with three different paths to look down.

1) Yogurt pots or tin cans attached to string. – For this we decided that using actual tin cans yogurt pots would be the reference to the past, and then the connection between them may be LED’s that light up along the string or rope portraying the sound moving through to the other end. The other idea was to completely remove the connection between the two containers and have them transmit wirelessly.

2) Sea shells and what they sound like when you hold them to your ear. – We thought that for this, the idea of contrast to the sea shells could be a nice feature, instead of hearing the calming sounds of the sea shell when you put it up to your ear, you actually hear a urban city, bus, train or general urban noise. We were also thinking of having plugs come from the sea shells which could help to make the design more intriguing to passes by.

3) Is the glass bottles idea. – This is just the same idea, as posted before, the group likes this idea, but we relies that it needs development so we are going to keep looking into it.

We also looked into the ideas of child activities, and things such as ‘The Dangerous Book For Boys’, and the activities that they have in them. Below is one of these. It’s not from ‘The Dangerous Book For Boys’ but a similar one of mine.


A Helping Hand

Here is a link that Chirs Jackson our lecturer, gave the class to help us on our way. Some useful things in there that could help with our idea.

Luminescent Bottles

What our luminescent bottles might look like

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Also here are a couple of links that may help us hook up our pulsing lights and sound, should want to use it.!

Quick Model

Here is a quick model to show you what we are thinking of. This design is far from set in concreate but gives us something to go off. The design will more then likely be raised up off the ground if we go down this path.


So we have just had a group meeting and developed our idea for this project. Below are a few quick sketches, to just get our ideas out. We apologize if they are a bit hard to understand, but we should have some  more developed up soon.

So the idea that we are looking into is using glass bottles, sitting in a frame of some sort. The bottles will be filled with different volumes of liquid to alter the noise that is produced when air passes over the top. This air will be produced by human interaction. The sound will then be picked up by a microphone, and will trigger colored LEDs to light up the frosted bottles.

At the moment the overall output will be a light display. However we are discussing other alternatives such as musical instruments or a combination of both light and sound. Below are a few links that we are looking into for parts and code for this idea.

Check back soon for further developments.

OK Go – Rube Goldberg Machine

Not quite to do with Arduino, but just something really quite amazing. Check out the making of this video as well, really funny and worth a watch.

Soundie and Stroke

Here are a couple little clip related to our previous concept about using a persons body to complete a circuit and stroking actions.

For some information on what was needed to make this project visit