Karen Curley

Today we had a guest lecturer Karen Curley, Designer from ICD at Massey. There are some really amazing designs in the link below. Karen put it together for our class to help get us going.



Idea 1

Been working on other uni projects and I have been thinking about a possible interactive idea for this project. The idea is to make a oversized keyboard like the one below, and have it linked to a screen in our design foyer that is hooked up to a twitter. That way, when people pass by, they can jump around and make a post and leave it up on screen for the next random person to come and add to it. That way the interaction transforms from interaction with the product, to interaction with other humans. I don’t know, just an idea for now.

Image taken from: http://craziestgadgets.com/2008/05/29/giant-10-foot-long-computer-keyboard/

Check this link out: Another really cool piece of design using keyboards. http://www.worldsamazings.com/2009/03/worlds-longest-amazing.html

Easter Fry-day

Spent the Easter break with some friends just playing around with arduino. Went up to the Wellington dump shop to get some electronics. Came away with a Playstation controler, and Playstation One. Still haven’t managed to link them to the arduino, but we did manage to fry a car dashboard and some LED’s. We got the arduino playing some musical tones through a little speaker, but all the tones were to high pitch to be anything remotely enjoyable.

Our first look at Arduino

Hello world!

We are three Industrial Design students from Massey University, New Zealand. We are working on an interactive design project using the Arduino system. This blog will be used to document/workbook our ideas, process, and any interesting things that pop up on the way to a solution.

If you have any ideas, links, code that you feel may come in handy, please leave us a post, it will be greatly appreciated.